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Red, White and Blue Barber Poles

Striped and spinning barber shop poles have been a staple of the barbering industry for decades. We carry striped barber poles in a variety of styles including sconces, free-standing street lanterns and lights from Marvy and Yanaki, two well-known barber shop pole brands. Choose from spinning and non-revolving styles to draw in customers from all around!

The history of barber shop poles is a bit more complex. Before blue was added, a red and white striped pole was associated with bloodletting, and the red stripes represented bloody bandages. Back during medieval times, barbers did more than just cut hair – they were surgeons and dentists as well! The helical striped pole has had many other uses throughout time, but we know them as barber shop poles here in the States.

Now that you’ve gotten a history lesson, add a bit of history and charm to your shop with one of our striped barber poles! Each ships for free, so shop now.

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