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Barbering Technique DVDs & Guide Books

Every barber has to start somewhere, and you’re never too seasoned to learn new techniques or styles! To make it simple to learn at your pace, we’re excited to offer an array of barbering guide books and instructional DVDs for barbers produced by some of the most popular and respected barbers in the industry. Learn complex techniques such as a fade or classic hairstyles from decades past. Most of these DVDs on barbering techniques include examples with models of different ethnicities, showing you how different types of hair respond to techniques and styles. We also offer books about haircut techniques and general business tips and strategies if you’re new to the industry and are just exploring your options.

Investing in your skills and knowledge is one of the best things you can do for your career, so shop for all of your hair cutting technique educational DVDs and barbering guide books today at MD Barber. We ship any order of $50 or more for free!

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A Cut Above the Rest Volume 1 & 2 Combo (4-Disc Set)

Elite Combo Pack featuring A Cut above the Rest Volumes 1 & 2, 4 DISKS TOTAL, 30 modern hair cuts and high quality step-by-step instruction through every cut.

ONLY: $79.99
Book & DVD Combo Pack: Social Media Strategies and Intro to Fading

Get Dave Diggs' book and instructional DVD for a special discount price when you buy both together!

ONLY: $49.99
A Cut Above the Rest Volume 3 (2-Disc Set)

2-disc set features never-before-seen techniques performed by highly skilled barbers.

ONLY: $44.95
A Cut Above the Rest Volume 1 (2-Disc Set)

Watch and learn as Vick Damone walks you through 15 different haircuts, giving step-by-step direction and insight.

ONLY: $44.95
A Cut Above the Rest Volume 2 (2-Disc Set)

Watch and learn as Vick Damone walks you through 15 different haircuts, giving step-by-step direction and insight.

ONLY: $44.95
Course 103: NuDred Cuts & Styles by Dave Diggs

Third installment of a 4 part series by Dave Diggs.

ONLY: $39.99
Introduction to Fading DVD by Dave Diggs

This DVD includes 5 haircuts on 5 different hair textures: Caucasian, African-American, Asian, and two different Latino textures.

ONLY: $38.99
The American Barbershop by Mic Hunter

A lighthearted and affectionate look at the neighborhood barbershop.

ONLY: $19.99
Anatomy of a Barber: The Hair Professional's Guide to Success by Al Reid

The go-to book for barbers and stylists seeking to build their business from the ground up.

ONLY: $18.99
How To Grow Your Business: Social Media Strategies for Barbers and Stylists by Dave Diggs

Maximize your barbering/stylist skills in the industry. Foreword by Vick Damone.

ONLY: $18.99
The Barbershop Diaries: Interactive Documentary DVD by Dave Diggs

Ten barbers. Ten life changing stories.

ONLY: $15.99
My Dad is Just a Barber by Donald Conley

Some lessons can only be learned in a barbershop...

ONLY: $14.95
Scalpmaster 3 Column Barber Appointment Book

Organize appointments with this convenient 3 column barber appointment book.

ONLY: $7.99